Travels and Trinkets: Building the Layers of a Home

Travels and Trinkets: Building the Layers of a Home

Thank you Jeska (who blogs over at the wonderful Lobster and Swan) for putting together this post for us…

When asked to put together a treasure source book, I got to wondering what makes a home a home? Apart from family and pets of course, I think it’s all the little pieces dotted here and there, gathered over time, that tell the story of who lives there. My inspiration for interior layering comes from all over, I love to travel abroad and stay in bustling cities, or discover little market towns nearer to home. I read interior magazines and books, collect postcards of favourite pieces of famous artwork. I also love to keep things that have been handed down through my family.


Here are some of my favourite places to find feathers for your nests:

Junk shops – We have lots here in Hastings, but other towns that I’ve found treasure are Bexhill, Brighton, Deal and Margate. Here I find vintage tea plates, lots of beaten up furniture that needs some love and piles of old black and white photos. I am often found foraging in junk shops, looking to add to my collection of vintage photos of people at the beach. As I have always lived in a seaside town so it seemed like a fun thing to keep an eye out for!

Flea markets – if you are lucky enough to get away for a few days, a free ferry ride from Amsterdam city centre will take you to the IJ-Hallen – the biggest and most unique flea market in Europe. It is on at least once a month and people come from all over, to sell and buy at this amazing market. When we visited we found furniture, clothing, and stalls selling everything you can imagine. Take an umbrella as you are bound to get caught in the rain, and wear good shoes as there are two absolutely huge old warehouses to walk around.

Handmade markets – keep your eyes peeled for unusual things made by crafters and makers at local markets, jumble sales and village fairs. I think this year has been some kind of personal record for attending these types of events. You never know what you will find, from vintage goods to handmade gifts! I love to add living layers to our home decor and have picked up lots of plants and seeds from our local village fete.

Vintage shops – A recent visit to Scandinavia led us to find some of the most beautifully curated vintage shops. I understand for some folk it is hard to see what is good and what’s not when digging around in car boots and charity shops, so if  you like your vintage styled out and looking its best, Copenhagen is for you! The prices aren’t as high as anticipated, the people are so friendly and the shopping is great! Take a peek in the charity shops there too, as they are just as nicely laid out.

When you have gathered all your favourite things together, you will need some solid pieces of furniture to display and enjoy them with, so I have picked out some of my favourite FADS surfaces and storage below that are just right for vintage living:

Furniture picks from FADS

Get the Look:

Top left: Knitwear Black and White Wallpaper

Top middle: Stockholm Green Retro Armchair

Bottom left: Rimini Oak Sideboard

Bottom middle: Provence Antique Black 5-Drawer Chest

Far right: Albany Distressed Bookcase

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