Thought wall stickers were just for decoration? Think again!

Surprisingly useful wall stickers from

Amongst the cute Hello Kitty and urban Banksy graffiti wall stickers in the FADS store, we have a number of surprisingly practical decals for both adults and grownups alike. From useful stickers that’ll help teenage kids with their chemistry homework to functional stick-on planners that’ll organise the whole family. Read on for our favourites:

Map Wall Stickers

Cartographical curiosities can be satisfied with our vinyl map wall stickers.  Perfect for children who need to brush up on their Geography skills or for teens who’re planning a gap year in Europe.  Globetrotters can use the wall stickers to help plan their next trip abroad, or to showcase the countries they’ve already visited.  These map wall stickers are not only perfect for the home, but the classroom too.

Choose from UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and finally North and South America.

Map Wall Stickers from

Science Wall Stickers

If your teenager is starting their GCSEs this September, one of our scientific wall stickers may help with their studies.  These stickers are also perfect for budding doctors, medical students, nurses and teachers.

Biologists can choose from two different stickers from our collection: one detailing the human skeleton (complete with bone name labels) and a second highlighting all of the muscles in the human body (which is conveniently drawn to scale).

Chemists will appreciate our giant Periodic Table Wall Sticker, which is colour-coded and features all of the elements listed by their atomic number.  In addition, we stock stickers that display the molecular structures for household objects, including salt, soap, aspirin and even PVC (which the stickers themselves are made from!)

We also stock a sticker pack called “Identity”, which highlights four different features that distinguishes any one person from another on the planet:  irises, finger prints, DNA strands and handprints.  In addition, we stock a larger version of the DNA strand, which shows the double-helix design magnified and colour coded.

Science Wall Stickers from

Chalkboard Wall Sticks for Organising and Planning

Chalkboard paint is bang on trend at the moment – scour Pinterest for even a few minutes and you’ll notice it is chock-a-block full of DIY tutorials and photos of rustic farm-style kitchens with chalkboards displaying the weekly shopping list.  Here at FADS, we’re not one to miss out on a trend, and we’re now offering our own range of special chalkboard wall stickers.  The stick on decals are a fantastic alternative to painting one of your walls with chalkboard paint.

Use our Wedding Planner Wall Sticker to note down any to-dos for your impending nuptials, plan family activities on the Chalkboard Month Planner, or write down cooking instructions for tonight’s dinner on our Cooking Pot Sticker, or Saucepan Sticker (perfect if you’re working the late shift, leaving teens to fend for themselves!)

Chalkboard Wall Stickers from

Why choose our wall stickers?

Our fantastic wall stickers enable you to decorate a space without the need for mess, pastes, paints or tools. Simply unpack, stick to the wall and you’re done!

The chalkboard stickers are made from a specially designed vinyl, which you can write on. The chalkboard stickers can be wiped clean with a cloth once affixed to the wall.

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