Simple Ways to Achieve Contemporary Style in Your Bedroom

Balmoral Waxed Pine 2 Drawer Bedside Table

The bedroom is supposed to be somewhere you can escape to after a long day – so naturally, it needs to be endlessly inviting and relaxing.

If you find your bedroom has morphed into a place worthy of a spot on The Hoarder Next Door, it’s time for a refresh. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, you can achieve clean-lined, contemporary style with these simple bedroom style wins:


Firstly, get some ideas together on the look you want to achieve; Pinterest is excellent for this. Next, evaluate what you already have in your bedroom – aim to divide your things into items that will fit in with the calm, contemporary style, and things that won’t. Use post-it notes to mark bigger items, such as furniture (smaller things can just be divided into two piles).

Contemporary Bedroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Kelly Hoppen London


Contemporary style is all about ridding your home of excess; create clean lines, work with a pared-down colour palette, and most importantly, find storage solutions that allow you to store everything away out of sight. Try scooting flat storage boxes under the bed, or popping a shoe holder over the back of the door – cheap and simple ways to create space where it was sorely lacking before.


Another more alternative way to create a contemporary feel in your bedroom has to be purchasing a quirky bed: be that a lounging hammock, a double futon or even popping a bunk-bed in the kids’ room, these edgy options will pull the ambience of your room out of the predictability stakes and give it a rejuvenating push in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a quick fix rather than a complete overhaul, opt for a new bed cover set; you’ll be surprised at how much of a change this can create.

Our top 5 furniture picks for a contemporary bedroom:

  1. Quirky British Vintage set of drawers
  2. Hand-painted silver Dauphine curved chest
  3. Mirrored bedside cabinet
  4. Storage-savvy ottoman bed
  5. Another great storage solution, Max Space walk-in wardrobe


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