What is the need for Mirrored Wardrobes?

Sliding Mirrored Wardrobes

A wardrobe feature that has become more and more popular over the years is mirrored panels. At the start of 2014 just over 40% of FADS wardrobe range possess a mirrored panel on the exterior and that range is rapidly increasing.

 So why are mirrors so important in bedrooms?

Reason 1:

Well there’s the obvious answer, what girls don’t want a mirror in their bedroom? It provides a fantastic space for trying on outfits and seeing how they look and even putting on make up.

Having a massive mirror on the outside of a wardrobe door is the best place to have a mirror isn’t it?

Reason 2:

Now I’m going to go into the more interior design side of things. Mirrored panels have the wonderful ability to reflect any natural and artificial light.

Mirrored Wardrobe

So, if you’ve got a space that has very little light, adding a mirror will increase the feeling of light as it reflects it around the room and if there’s more light in a room the feeling of increased space follows.

There nothing worse then feeling like you’re in a tight, dark space, something a simple as the addition of a mirror will change all that.

Try it for yourself, I dare you.

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