Break Out the Silverware

Wonderfully Simple Dressing

Do you love entertaining friends and families? I know I do, spending time with people you love letting time fly by as you laugh, drink, eat and reminisce. It’s just the best.

BUT, is your home prepared for any visitors, do you have to tools to entertain guests?

Well don’t panic, use this post as a check list as I will be going through everything you need to make sure your dining room is ready for hosting.

Is your Dining Table up to the Task?

One very important part of entertaining is to make sure you have room to seat all your guests. An extending dining table is a fantastic bit of kit. You can have this dining table to suit close family dining and when you have guests… in the blink of an eye you can increase to the size of the table so you can accommodate more people.

Frances Extending Dining Table

A lovely example above, this the Frances dining table is already really generous in size for family dining but add the extensions panels and, wow, you can seat 8 – 10 people for a wonderful social atmosphere.

Does everyone have a seat?

The classic conundrum at Christmas and Birthdays: you have to bring out the emergency chairs. Those chairs you rarely see and for good reason as well.

Well, a good idea for these situations is to be prepared, why not go for chairs that are stackable. You can have a full range of dining chairs that match and when not in use they can easily be stored away neatly.

Stackable dining chairs

This set provides the perfect example, a classically designed, comfortable  set of dining chairs that can simply and conveniently be stacked away when they aren’t needed.

Decorating your Dining Table

As well as making sure you have the table for the job, do you have the rest of the equipment to go with it? Something that is commonly overlooked or just not bothered with anymore is dressing a table.

Dinner table

You can use runners, silverware, place mats, candles, flowers anything really to dress a table and make it look fabulous.

I hope these idea will allow you to have your dining room 100% ready to enjoy time with friends and family without any hassle or stress. Thanks for reading.

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