Get Your Garden Summer Ready in a Weekend

summer garden tips

We all know how fleeting the British summer can be, barely lasting a couple of barmy evenings in between showers and total cloud coverage. This makes it all the more important that you and your garden are both fully prepared for the brief visits of the sun.

Here we offer a few tips to help you get your garden fully ready in one weekend, preventing last minute rushes and ad hoc seating for the first BBQ of the year.

Add Beautiful Fragrance

Planting roses, jasmine and gardenias in your flower patch or lining the garden can add beautiful fragrance to all al fresco gatherings this summer. A little care and diligence can ensure the fragrance remains strong through the season. The Royal Horticultural Society offers this guide, helping you discover which of your favourite-smelling plants can be planted in your garden this summer and how to care for them so they are long-lasting and bountiful.

Relaxed Seating

There are a few finer ways to start the day than taking your breakfast and morning coffee outside in the sun. A small coffee table with seating makes an idyllic setting for this AM retreat into the back garden. The Romance Antique White 2 Seater Balcony Set offers a Parisian sensibility to the back garden – perfect for reading the weekend editions with a croissant.

Implement a Kids Area

If you and the wider family have children who will be visiting your garden this year, it may be advisable to implement a dedicated area for them to play. This step can help reduce the risk of your beautiful flowers being crushed underfoot and the danger of flying balls knocking over glasses of summer punch or bopping your guests on the head. Additionally, after a few drinks this area could develop into a crèche for the kids and for the dads.

Go Big with the BBQ

If you’re planning on entertaining this summer, now is the perfect time to invest in your dream BBQ set. The Master Cooks Elite 500 Hammer Tone 4 Burner Gas BBQ is the comprehensive back garden grill with storage, prep areas and hob for creating feasts aplenty this summer. This monster of a unit means you won’t be juggling a dozen different plates as the burgers burn – efficiently cooking quantities of BBQ food to perfection whilst leisurely supping a well-deserved beer.

Sun-Down Heater

Rather than bravely persevering after the sun has gone down by wrapping up in blanket after blanket and cuddling up a bit too close to your guests, back garden heaters can help ensure the party continues into the night. The Gardeco Sol Black & Gold Large Mexican Chimenea is an attractive and effective alternative to more traditional patio heaters. Incorporating classic Mexican designs, the Chimenea benefits from the roaring fire in its belly, a beautiful sight as the sun goes down.

Large Party Seating

When entertaining the friends and family this summer, investing in a comprehensive outdoor dining table can remove the need for granddad to perch precariously on a decorator’s footstool. The St Tropez Cube 8 Seat Weave Rattan Set from FADS can accommodate eight people at a time, their lovingly-prepared BBQ food and extravagant cocktails. The clever design on the table means the unit and the chairs can be efficiently stored away in the shed or garage when not in use without inhabiting too much room.

For more inspiration to help you create a stunning setting for garden parties this summer, visit the FADS Garden section, or give our team a call now on 01778 562803.

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