Bring your Shed back to Life for Summer

Shed Being Built

If your shed is looking lonely down the bottom of your garden with a rusting lawnmower and broken tennis rackets as its only friends, now may be the perfect time to give it a little makeover.

The Great British Summer is (hopefully) just around the corner and presents a perfect opportunity to get out into the garden and enjoy the splashes of sun that we are granted. Here are five ways to make your shed a beautiful and useful part of the garden once again.

Beach Hut

Just last year a beach hut in Devon went on sale for a staggering £245,000, representing the country’s nostalgic love for the classic beach side building. Replicate the charm of the British seaside’s golden age by turning your shed into a classic beach hut. A bright white and blue paint job will liven up the exterior of the shed. Dispose of everything inside the shed that you don’t need and install a couple of wooden benches and a new wooden door. The beach hut shed can be used as a changing room for your garden guests or picnic equipment storage unit.

Beach huts

The Sun Terrace Bar

If your idea of holiday bliss is finding a bar with hot sun and cold beer, then a bar conversion could be the ideal use of the shed. Where structurally permitting, convert the longer, sun-facing wall of the shed into a hinged opening, allowing a lot of light and heat into the building. Build a simple bar running the length of the interior with a built-in ice-well for drinks. Invest in these stylish barstools from FADs and spend your evenings chatting up to attractive bar staff (where appropriate). Stock up with you and your family’s drinks of choice as well as ice, glasses and cocktail umbrellas.


For families with babies, the sun can be a rather cruel mistress. Rather than coating your baby in Factor 50 sun cream every 30 minutes, a shaded area in the garden will allow you to enjoy the sun whilst keeping an eye on your youngest charge. A travel cot or play pen can be moved into the shed after all potential dangers have been removed for the baby to enjoy with a few choice toys. Just be careful that there are no jagged edges or nails present that may prove dangerous to the crèche’s clientele.

Child in garden - Dennis Harper

Outdoor Cinema

Drive-thru cinemas have never had the same audience in the UK as in the US, due mainly to the excessive rain that we endure every year. However, a small temporary cinema can be set up, using your shed as the screen. Paint the shed white and invest in a projector and extension cord, then project your favourite movies or summer sporting events onto the side of the shed and invite all of your friends around.

white shed

The Outdoor Office

For those who are self-employed or work from home but don’t want to be stuck inside during the spells of sun. A small start-up office in the shed can be the ideal solution. Employ an electrician to fit the shed with electrical sockets and set up a desk with all of your working amenities. Shorts and sandals complete the holiday feel whilst cracking on with the paperwork.

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