Childs Room Safety Guidelines

Baby bedroom

Whilst decorating your child’s bedroom, I know it’s tempting but, don’t just take image into consideration, safety is a massively important area as well. Follow these simple steps below and you can create a safe sanctuary for your precious little ones.

First thing first: Child Proof your windows. – We hear of so many accidents of children falling out of windows and it can be so easily prevented by simply locking them or use latches so windows cannot be opened more than 10cm. It’s such a simple measure, but it can also be a life saving one. Click here to find out more information on child proofing your windows.

underbed storage

Think about room layout: More precisely I’m referring to where to place your child’s bed. Never place a child’s bed near a radiator, or anywhere near shelves, ledges or appliances above that a child can get hold of.

Always secure free standing furniture to a wall: There are so many places out there where you can buy wall straps and no-tip furniture brackets, again, another simple solution that can prevent so many accidents. For more information about any of these items click here.


Avoid Bunk Beds and High sleepers for Children Under 6: If you need something with a bit more storage go for something like a cabin bed or mid sleeper, lower to the ground and they can still offer handy functions like drawers and desks.

Use socket covers and secure all cables: This will provide the perfect protection against inquisitive minds and probing fingers.

Following these simple steps will provide you child with a safe haven and will also give you piece of mind.

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