Elegant Table Setting Ideas to Try at Home

elegant table setting ideas

We have a beautifully modern range of dining tables to make mealtimes ultra stylish. But that’s only half the story, because what follows is the fun part: accessorising to make it truly your own! Here at FADS, we take table setting as a literal art form, so get your creative head on and be inspired by our top tips…

Creative Colour

Firstly, consider your colour scheme. The easiest place to start is with a wooden or high-gloss dining table, which are both neutral enough finishes to allow you to play around with colour. Next: the table cloth or runner – don’t be afraid to pick a strong accent colour here; alternatively you could choose to leave your table completely bare, to make the most of its striking design.

Photo owned by zoe.wang, creative commons.

Photo owned by zoe.wang, creative commons.

Striking Settings

Placemats and coasters provide that extra burst of colour and texture. Take the traditional route and use personalised place-mats (perhaps with your family surname) or keep things simple with clean, contemporary designs. A firm favourite of the interior design world is stacking: layer a large place-mat underneath a smaller contrasting one. Or try layering a bright napkin in between your dinner and salad plates for a super-striking look.

Finishing Touches

Adding a centrepiece is an integral part of table setting. The obvious choice is beautiful cut flowers, but also experiment with candles in coloured tea-light holders, a bowl of in-season fruit, or interesting vases grouped together.

Image by Didriks, creative commons.

What are your favourite ways to set a table? Feel free to share your thoughts below…

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