Fire engine themed bedroom ideas for kids!

joseph fire engine bed

If you have a child who’s in awe of large red fire engines, this theme is a must. Delight them by transforming their bedroom into a homage to the emergency services.  Here’s a little inspiration to help you get started:

Fire Engine Bedroom Theme

Top tips for transforming your child’s bedroom:

1) Wall colour:  Don’t be tempted to paint your child’s walls in bright fire-engine red (no matter how much he pleads!)  The colour will be difficult to paint over as his taste matures, or should you decide to the sell the house.  Instead, opt for neutral walls and choose bright red accessories (such as curtains and lamps).  These can be changed easily to match new themes, as needed.

2)  Fire engine bed:  While a fire engine bed may be every little boy’s dream, it’s probably not be a realistic option if you have two or three children in the house.  Buying a number of themed beds might be a stretch financially.  Instead, decorate ‘ordinary’ wooden beds with themed decals.  These can be removed and replaced as your children grow older.

3) Wall mural:  A large wall mural will help to bring the heme to life, especially if you are not buying a fire truck bed.  These bright, bold wall murals help to stimulate children’s imaginations, transforming a dull room into a fun space to play.

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Here’s a FADS, we’re all big kids at heart.  We stock plenty of fun fire engine themed goodies.  Here are some of our favourites:

fire truck themed bedroom

Joseph Fire Engine Bed – This fantastic fire engine bed is made from solid wood and pained in high red gloss.  The bed is decorated with everything you’d find on a real life fire truck!  It comes complete with a red siren ‘light’, a fire hydrant, silver alloys and a steering wheel.
Shop Joseph Fire Engine Bed.

Engine Red Set – This bed and wardrobe set is also made from solid hard wood and is finished in white and red gloss.  The truck features realistic wheel detailing and side ladders that double up as safety rails.  The matching wardrobe has space for clothing and a box at the bottom, for storing shoes or toys.
Shop Fire Engine Red Bed & Wardrobe Set.

Fireman Sam Wall Mural (bottom right) – This official Fireman Sam wall mural is colourful and bold, featuring an action shot from the hit TV show.  It features firefighters, fire trucks and a helicopter all springing to action after a 999 call.  Kids will love playing with their own toys in front of this mural, pretending they’re helping to save the day.
Shop Fireman Sam Wall Mural.

Kidsaw Lewis Red Wardrobe – All fire engines need refuelling! This playful wardrobe will compliment one of our firetruck beds.  It features bold ‘fuel’ graphics and a toy petrol pump nozzle on the side.
Shop Kidsaw Lewis Red Wardrobe.

Motor Magic Toddler Bed (top left) – This bed is an elegant alternative to the bold and fun fire truck beds we’ve linked to above.  The Motor Magic has a fresh white finish and is stylishly decorated with firetrucks, diggers and cars.
Shop Motor Magic Toddler Bed.

Transportation Foam Elements (pictured top right and bottom left) – These three foam elements will spruce up any plain wall or door.  The red and yellow fire truck is joined by a blue airplane and dark green military-style van.  We love these foam wall decals because they’re hassle free – they’re so easy to put up!  Place abouve bed heads, on bedside tables, above shelves – the possibilities are endless!
Shop Transportation Foam Elements

For more inspiration on decorating your child’s bedroom, why not check out our post on designing a bedroom fit for a Disney Princess?

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