Create Space with the Imogen Gloss Dining Table

Imogen gloss

Enough is enough; eating dinners sat on a living room couch can be no more. An essential addition to any household is that of a dining table.

Dining tables allow for social interaction whether that would friends or family members.

Choosing your perfect dining table can be a laborious process: What size should it be? Glass, wood or gloss? How many people can it seat? What shape? A lot of things need to be taken into account.

At FADS we offer our customers a colossal range of dining tables, making it easy to find the perfect table for you.

If you’re after a beautiful and simple dining room table, with a fantastic price tag I might add, then look no further then our immensely popular Imogen White High Gloss Round Dining Table.

This table has defiantly proven itself to be one of our most popular dining tables.

Suitable in any home this dining table offers a 1.2m round table surface in a beautiful white gloss.

White gloss allows the Imogen dining table to suit a wide variety of spaces from bright a colourful or more contemporary, whilst offering a bright spacious feeling to the room at the same time.

The Imogen table has a trumpet base which allows you to seat many people around the table without worrying about banging into table legs and still offers the table incredible stability.

Even if you don’t want a dining table, the Imogen table offers additional surface space for any number for rooms in the home.

Anyway, I’m not here to influence any decisions. All I’m going to say is the Imogen round white high gloss dining table is certainly all anyone needs for the perfect dining table.

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