Fantastic Folk: Bohemian Interior Design for Your Home


Bohemian style never falls out of favour. This eclectic and mismatched way of decorating your home is all about the freedom of self expression and individuality. Rooms should be adorned with beautiful hand-selected pieces that each look as if they have a story to tell. Altogether, the room should give off a carefree vibe, with a hint of luxury, femininity and elegance.

Bohemian style bedroom via Stacie, Flickr -

Bohemian style bedroom via Stacie, Flickr –

No two Bohemian-style rooms are the same. Every designer will draw from different cultures and ethnicities for their furniture, accessories or furnishings. Influence often comes from eastern countries, “exotic” places and far away shores: Morocco, Mexico, Tribal regions of Africa, Spain and India to name but a few.

The person decorating the room often has their own interpretation of Bohemian style too, just to add to the eclectic mix. They’ll gain inspiration from any number of sources, such as travel abroad, photography exhibits, favourite pieces of artwork, and so on.

bohemian interior

Bohemian interior via Stacie, Flickr –

Arthouse star-studded stags head

It’s the relaxed, rule-free approach to interior decorating that earned the style the name ‘Bohemian,’ a word widely used today to refer to avant-guards, or those who are artistic and free spirited. With Bohemian style, anything goes.

Not sure where to start? Here are our top tips for achieving the Bohemian look in your home:

Explore your favourite country for inspiration:

Look into your favourite country’s culture and heritage for inspiration.  Start a scrapbook and collect photocopies from the library, print-outs from the internet and anything else you’ve saved along the way.   Refer back to this scrapbook as you begin the redecorating process, looking for common themes in pattern or colour.  Refer to your scrapbook for motifs or designs you’d like to replicate in your home. 

Collage via Constance Taylor, Flickr

Collage via Constance Taylor, Flickr

Beautiful artwork:

Next, find a stunning piece of artwork to serve as a focal point and give your room that ‘wow factor’.  Choose an ornate and decorative print (left) or opt for something with that handcrafted look (right)

Bohemian artwork and wall art, all from Joss and Main

Bohemian artwork and wall art, all from Joss and Main

Here are some of our favourite pieces from here at FADs –

Bohemian wall art from here at

Bohemian wall art from here at

Top left and top right:  Tia Motif Monsoon Canvas in brown and gold metallic – £59.99
Bottom left:  Kelly Hoppen Bamboo (set of 2 canvases) – £34.99
Bottom right: Peony Monsoon Canvas in rich red, pink and green – £74.99


Macrame is having a bit of a rival at the moment, which is apt because it is the perfect finishing touch for a Bohemian room.  It was highly popular in the 1970s.  Macrame is a form of textile, made from knotting using leather, fabric or rope.  You can either learn this craft yourself and make some macrame decorations for your room (it’s not difficult, children make friendship bracelets using macrame!) or purchase some ready made pieces from the high street.

Macrame, which was big in the 1970s is back in trend now.  It's the perfect finishing touch to a bohemian style room

Macrame, which was big in the 1970s is back in trend now. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a bohemian style room

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Indoor foliage

No Bohemian-style room is complete without a little bit of foliage.  Either choose silk blooms to adorn that old vintage dresser or go wild and build a plant stand full of cascading plants.  As you’ll see below, you can never have too much greenery in a bohemian room!

indoor foliage

Indoor foliage in Bohemian style rooms

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