How to Make Clashing Prints Work in Your Home

So, you want to get a little creative in your home without turning it into a quietly fashionable jumble sale? We hear you. Erring on the side of caution is definitely the way to go with this one, favouring a more step-by-step, little-by-little method rather than jumping in and creating a monster. You know exactly what we’re referring to, maybe you’ve even had the misfortune of experiencing it first hand: a clashing overload sure ain’t pretty, and here at FADS, we’re on hand to make sure you don’t make any similar errors. When it’s done right though, it looks spectacular.


The Maximum-Minimum Method

If you’re really keen to rack up some interesting focal points in your chosen room, but haven’t much experience in the arena of ‘clashing’, this method might be a good one to get started with. Firstly, you want to ensure that the bulk of your furniture is plain – almost painfully plain – leaving you with an ideally blank canvas upon which you can unleash your creative juices and mix ‘n’ match to your heart’s (or bank balance’s) content.

The All-In Method

We know that we say avoid going too crazy, but any clashing veterans should be able to rock this method without creating anything too terrifying. Just ensure that you get a second-opinion with each new addition, and if your friends and relatives suddenly stop visiting – it’s probably time to tone it down a little…

The Toe-Dip

Okay, so you like the idea of it, but the reality is something rather quite daunting – where do we get started? For those of us who prefer to keep it simple, you can opt for a ‘clash shrine’ – a surface upon which you can go as wild as you like with contrasting textures and patterns – because it’s all on one confined surface, it’ll be hard pressed to look ‘too much’.

Image credit: annaburles | homedit | mydecorator | interiorsoftheworld

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