5 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Child’s Bedroom

Keeping on top of your child’s bedroom décor is a tough job.It can become costly, tiresome and even messy – so it’s important to learn how to revamp their room without breaking the bank. A good way to get awesome parent points is to get your children involved with this process, as a room that has been built as a communal effort will be one that is appreciated and cherished for years, not just months.

Here are our top tips on getting started with brightening up your child’s bedroom:


letter light

This one is especially pertinent if you have younger kiddliwinks, as this can become the difference between an easy bedtime routine and a living, screaming nightmare. Opt for eye-catching but not garish – be wary of buying anything with LED lighting installed, as this will undoubtedly keep your little ones awake throughout the night. Night lights are perfect for those who are fearful of the dark and letting your child pick their own will offer a sense of independence that will encourage a break-away from the phobia.

Window Fixtures

If you’re having trouble getting your older children out of bed in the morning, you might want to have a change of window fixture. Ensuring that the room is as bright as possible in the earlier hours will help them feel energised and ready to take on the day ahead – and stop you from having to nag them out of there! Switch out that heavy blackout blind for gauze curtains and see the difference – trust us.


personalised wall stickerIncorporating your child’s favourite cartoon characters or celebrities is a perfect way to make them more positive about their own little patch of land. Again, this is another activity that you should do with your children, as it’s easy to fall out of the loop with what’s ‘down with the kids’ these days – nobody wants to be that parent, eh? Have a gander at our wall art and stickers: a simple and interchangeable way to inject some character(s) into your child’s room without breaking the bank.

Storage Solutions

Perhaps not brighter, but definitely a more pleasant surrounding is a tidy one! Your child’s room will look bigger if you manage to fight the clutter and arrange everything into its own little home, giving you less stress and them more room to play. Win win!

Colour Palette

If it’s reached the point of no return and you’d like to completely overhaul your child’s room, you might want to think of choosing a more sun-friendly shade when it comes to repainting the walls. Gravitate towards yellows and pale greens, shades that will truly attract the sunlight and offer a brighter outlook from within the room.

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