5 Reasons to Invest in a Bunk-bed


A bunk bed is a fantastic piece of furniture for your children’s bedroom. If your kids share a sleeping space, a bunk bed can help keep bedtime as harmonious as possible (do bear in mind that children under the age of 6 should not be placed in a top bunk).
Here are 5 great reasons to invest in a bunk-bed:

1. They free up space

If your children have two separate single beds or share a double bed in their room, you’re wasting a significant amount of floor space, which can be used for the good stuff: playing! Give them a bit more room to move about in: chances are, it’ll only make them sleep earlier.

2. They offer independence

With a bunk-bed, your son or daughter will automatically receive their very own patch of land, which is especially precious for those who beforehand, were used to sharing a double bed with a sibling. After the initial bickering regarding who gets which bunk, watch how your children revel in choosing their own duvet covers and having their own mattress-side to keep books in.

3. They’re good for only children too!

Bunk-beds aren’t just for those with two (or more) kids – if you have one child, then use the bottom bunk as a mini sofa for daytime play and stories  and the top bed for sleeping. Customise the bottom bunk with plenty of cushions and a brightly-coloured throw, and you’re good to go.

4. They provide storage

You can’t just store your kids in these beds, you can also hide away all their bits and bobs. With many contemporary bunk-bed designs, drawers and shelves have been introduced – generally underneath the bottom bunk and with shelving orchestrated around the top. Here’s a popular version at FADS.

Beach Style Kids by Providence Interior Designers & Decorators Kate Jackson Design

5. They’re fun

Most children are elated at the prospect of getting bunk-beds put into their room. The whole ladder-climbing element and opportunity for friends to stay over brings a sense of adventure to the bedtime routine.

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