Is your child getting enough sleep?

Kids Mid Sleeper With Storage

An exceptionally important part of any bedroom is the bed. Sounds obvious but some of us are unaware of just how important sleep is especially for children.

Getting enough sleep is important for a young child for many reasons, from restoring energy to building brain connections – not to mention giving mum and dad a much needed break.

Science is showing that sleep also fuels the physical growth for your child.

Growing Children

With this in mind selecting a bed for your child’s bedroom is something that must be done so with care.

Any bed you chose must provide a safe, secure and comfortable sleeping environment.

You also have to take into account creating a decorative space your child will enjoy being in and storage facilities, because lets be honest young children normally get the smallest bedroom in the house which can be a nightmare as they get older.

What can you do? There are so many different styles of beds to choose from which I will mention to you now and expand on in future blogs. I hope these will be useful for you and will make selecting your child’s perfect bed a simpler experience.

I have listed below the different types of beds for children

SinglesSingle beds come in massive variety of colours, materials and styles so there’s always something for everyone. You can select a bed as simple as FADS Jessica bed or the Sally Silver Bed if you wanted to. On the other hand you could select a themed single bed such as the Princess Carriage Bed and the Turbo Red Racer Bed.

Bunks – Great for rooms with 2 siblings or as a spare for sleepovers, bunk beds allow sleeping for two but only requiring the floor space of a single bed, which is fantastic in smaller spaces.

Again with bunk beds there are many different styles and colours to choose from as well as additional options such as storage drawers and trundle beds.

Kids Mid Sleeper With Storage

Cabin Beds – These beds are a real live saver in small bedrooms. Offering a raised bed a cabin bed not only offers a practical sleeping solution, these beds also provide a range of solid furniture underneath.

Cabin beds are available with everything from desks and shelving to chest of drawer and cupboards all neatly stored underneath the bed itself.

Cabin Bed with Multi Storage

Mid Sleeper – A mid sleeper bed, normally recommended for children over the age of 6 years is a raised bed accessible via a ladder. Midsleepers offer space underneath your child’s bed that can be turned into a storage area or a play area.

Offering additions such as colourful tents, scatter cushions and shelves, FADS range of Midsleeper are entirely customizable to suit your child

 High sleeper – A high sleeper bed, again normally recommended for children over the age of 6 years is bed set higher then a mid sleeper and a cabin bed (its like the high if a standard top bunk).

These beds, like midsleepers and cabin beds also offer an exceptional amount of space underneath the bed but instead of just being able to fit a chest of drawers, high sleepers can allow for wardrobes underneath, some of our ranges offer futons and desks of course.

storage bed

Parisot Bibop Beech Finish Storage Bunk Bed with Guest Bed by

 One thing that must be take into account with any bunk beds, midsleepers or high sleepers is that due to the safety rails around the edge of the bed these beds require mattresses of a particular depth

I hope this is of some help to you. Hopefully this has helped you to at least select the style of bed you want for your child.

Stay tuned for future blogs offering a bit more of an insight into particular beds FADS are proud to offer.

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