The Restorative and Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Science of Sleep Infographic

Habitually described as a person’s ‘favourite place in the world’, our beds are hugely significant parts of our lives and a key factor in our day-to-day health, behaviour, happiness and performance. Without a good night’s sleep, many of the daily activities that we partake in would not be possible, making the bed hugely important.

At FADS, we are dedicated to helping people achieve the perfect night’s sleep and we have explored the science behind healthy slumber and its benefits. We investigate exactly happens during your precious hours in bed and the ramifications this has during your waking day.

As well as the mental benefits of a good night’s sleep, a quality bed can also help with physical ailments and issues. As well as protecting the back and muscles against strain, a good quality bed and mattress can also help with weight loss!

With significant emphasis on choosing the right mattress, we have expanded on how to select the product most beneficial to your night’s sleep. Many people choose a mattress based upon which is bounciest in the furniture store, but there is an exact science to the selection that could have far-reaching ramifications.

Alongside the science of sleep-conducive beds, we have also included a number of interesting bed facts and the sleeping habits of some of the most important figures in history. You’ll be aghast to find that some of the world’s foremost decision-makers are getting less sleep than recommended by experts.

Ever-helpful, we have even kindly endeavoured to offer a couple of tips to help you get your beauty sleep.

To find out a bit more about the science behind getting a great night’s sleep, take a look at this infographic that we dreamt up one night:

Science of Sleep Infographic

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