Create More Space With an Ottoman Bed

Accent Oatmeal Fabric Ottoman Bed

Everyone wants a neat and tidy bedroom, but what if you don’t have enough room for massive wardrobes or storage boxes, you don’t want your relaxing space to look messy and cluttered do you?

The resolution for you would be an ottoman bed.

Brooklyn Wheat Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed

For 2013/14, FADS has really expanded its collection of ottoman beds as we understand people have more storage requirements and not enough places to put it.

If you have never had an ottoman bed before, take the time to have a scan over the paragraphs below as I will give you an insight into the world of ottoman beds (Can you feel the suspension?)

Sorry, getting a bit carried away. For those who don’t know, ottoman beds basically feature storage underneath the slat base and this normally can be lift up by the foot end to reveal the space underneath.

Bali Storage Ottoman Bed

The great thing about ottoman beds is that you can’t tell it is one just by looking at it.

You can store anything you need to, it can be a total mess and no one will ever know, not unless you tell them anyway.

FADS offers a range of ottoman beds, available with fabric and leather exteriors, you can basically select this bed as you would any other.

Just decide what style you are after and the storage comes along as a clever addition.

Some of the beds we have seen do really well are: the Ottoman White Faux Leather Bed, the Berlin Black Faux Leather Ottoman Bed and the Brooklyn Chocolate Fabric Ottoman Storage Bed.

All feature similar designs, with flat study bases, high headboards and plenty of underneath storage space, this is the bed for you if you have a cluttered space you want to clear. Or if you just have something you need to hide, we wont tell.

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