What is a great kids mattress?

Sleep is an essential, natural function. After a good nights sleep it leaves us feeling energized and ready to face what ever may lie ahead.

For children especially, sleep is vital. With all the learning and new experiences your children will experience they need to have the best nights sleep possible to keep them fresh and ready to go.

Did you know children need at least 10-12 hours of sleep?

To help children get a comfortable and restful nights sleeps they need the perfect mattress and FADS has the perfect one.

The EcoFlex Reflex foam mattress will offer your child with a fantastically comfortable nights sleep. For those wondering what reflex foam is I will elaborate for you.

Reflex foam is very similar to memory foam. Like memory foam mattresses, reflex foam will mould to the contours of the body and eliminate pressure points providing a completely restful nights sleep.

Memory foam contour

The difference between memory foam and reflex foam is how it alleviates this pressure.

Reflex foam is more densely packed and instead of bubbles of air escaping when pressure is applied (like in memory foam), the bubbles of air are displaced.

This is a great feature for this mattress, once pressure is lift the mattress will ‘spring’ back to its original position so you wont be left with a saggy mattress.

Reflex foam mattresses will keep children supported and will keep their necks and backs straight, improving posture.

So as they develop and grow in their sleep you can be sure they are getting all the support they need.

If you’re not convinced or are worried about the cost of something like this then let me put your mind at rest.

Reflex foam mattresses are overall significantly cheaper then memory foam mattresses and offer all the same benefits.

So give your child the best nights sleep possible with an EcoFlex reflex foam mattress from FADS.co.uk. Or come to FADS to have a root around our hundreds of other mattresses, all at amazing prices.

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