Colour Watch: Slate Grey

Slate Grey Headboard. Flickr Creative Commons: Michelle & Conrad

Sitting between black and white on the colour spectrum, grey is definitely a neutral shade. People often don’t know how to use it in their homes, but if you get the balance right then you will discover just how versatile grey can be.

Slate grey is a great alternative to white as it keeps the room cool and airy, without being dull. It is also very modern and can be mixed with various different colours to make your room really interesting.

If you want to feature slate grey on your walls then consider a mix of greys and whites or pale blues to really open up the space in your room. Using patterned grey wallpaper on an accent wall will give a sense of modern glamour to your home without being overpowering.

Slate grey living room. Image Credit:

An exciting way to feature slate grey in your room is to mix it will bold, bright colours such as fuschia or even citrus tones. The grey will highlight the dramatic impact of the vibrant colours. A geometric rug or patterned dresser will look dramatic against a slate grey back-drop.

If you don’t want grey on your walls then try adding a few key pieces of grey furniture to your room. Dark seating combined with bright detailing, cushions or throws will add subtle elements of colour to the room, without being too intense.

Slate grey walls and flooring are ultra modern and, when combined with off-white and pale wood furniture, have a really sophisticated vibe.

There’s no reason not to try metallic out when experimenting with slate grey. There are some stunning metallic wallpapers and accessories out there that will add instant depth and texture to any room.

Whichever way you decide to use slate grey, you can be sure that it is a hard working, timeless colour that will elegantly uplift your home interiors. It’s an almost impossible colour to do wrong.

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Slate grey furnishings from FADS.


Top left: Mindy 3-seater sofa

Top right: Flippa 3-seater sofa

Bottom left: Oslo oak veneer round table and dining chair set

Bottom right: Dahlia slate grey wallpaper

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