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Incorporating metallics into your decorating theme can be tricky. Although they can brighten a room and add interest, it’s easy to overdo it and end up with a room that looks too shiny. However, if you strike the right balance, the results can be highly rewarding.

Although metallics have the potential to enliven your living space, the look doesn’t work well when you have too many reflective surfaces in a room. If, however, you choose smaller objects to give the room metallic accents, it’s hard to go wrong. Frames, vases, cushions and ornaments are perfect for adding just a touch of metallic. One or two larger pieces, such as a lamp or small table, can also add interest, but keep it subtle – the idea is to add just a few pieces to achieve the best result.

Although the easiest choices for incorporating metallics are small objects, there are plenty more opportunities to add a subtle metallic touch where it is less expected. Try wallpapering a small area of the room – a chimney breast for example – using metallic wallpaper. Metallic voiles hung alongside curtains to diffuse the light are another way to gently incorporate the look.

metallic wallpaper

Metallics can also be used to enhance the light in your room. Placing your chosen metallic pieces close to a natural light source will reflect the natural light and help to open up your space. Mirrors can be used in the same way – by placing them near the window, they can reflect the view from outside and draw in the natural light to enhance the brightness of your room.

It’s important to consider the overall look of the room when you incorporate metallics into your theme. If you place a number of metallic objects together, you’ll find the end result to be overwhelming. Similarly, if you group your metallic objects in just one area of the room, the eye will be drawn to this spot. Spread them across the room to keep the overall effect balanced. If you choose a large item of metallic furniture, add smaller accents away from it in the same metallic tone so that it doesn’t become too much of a focal point.

Metallic objects against busy backdrops can also look too busy and cluttered. You can avoid this by avoiding fussy, patterned fabrics and wallcoverings. By contrasting your chosen pieces with light plain colours, plain fabrics and natural woods, you will tone down their dramatic look whilst ensuring that they can be appreciated without their surroundings drawing away the focus.

When incorporating metallics, many people tend to stick with either silver or gold but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You can choose one colour to be dominant – silver, gold or another metallic colour – but include other metallic accents which can look just as visually appealing as using a single tone. For a more subtle look, match your choice of metallics to the hues in your room, aiming for a monochromatic look. For example, subtle hints of silver in a room that is mainly white and grey will create extra appeal for the eye without standing out.

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Top: Arthouse Gold Metallic Wallpaper

Bottom left: Louis Black Velvet Dining Chair

Bottom middle: Tia Motif Metallic Canvas

Bottom right: Dauphine Silver Curved Chest

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