Get the Look: White on White

White on white interior design inspiration. Flickr creative commons credit: mattwalker69

A lot of people believe that white on white is very scary concept. Will it get dirty easily? Will it look boring?

The answer to both of these questions is “no” – not if you’re doing it right, anyway. We have put together some tips on how to achieve white on white that will have you wondering why you were ever concerned in the first place.

Although white is quite a dramatic colour, it never gets dull or tiring. By mixing white floors with white walls you get a sense of continuity in your room that adds light and space. If the adjoining room has a similar colour scheme then it will encourage flow as it stays in your sight line.

White is a colour with a lot of range. There are often subtle undertones of blue or pink, which you will only be able to detect in the light. When choosing different whites, place them next to each other to make sure they blend.

white on white

If the idea of white furniture scares you (especially if you have pets or young children) then go for white drapes or throws that can be taken off and washed. These are unlikely to get stained and if you choose ones with a coloured border at the bottom then they will be protected from scuffs.

Wood warms up white rooms, even if the room is sparsely furnished. Faux leather and suede also look great against white and make the room look really striking. Mixing smooth white furniture with distressed furniture gives that shabby chic look that is really popular at the moment. Mis-matched, vintage furniture will be given a new lease of life when placed in a white room, as it will highlight the tranquility of the space and give it a romantic overtone.

If you really feel the need to add colour to white walls then play it safe with smoky pastel colours. Go for greens and blues so as not to make the room appear too child-like (unless it is a children’s room, of course).

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If you really want to add bright colour to your room then do it with cushions and accessories, keeping the white simply as a base. These can easily be changed depending on the season or your mood and saves you having to re-decorate every time you fancy a change. White rooms are timeless and far easier to spruce up than brightly coloured or bold patterned rooms.

White doesn’t have to be uniform or neat so mix different textures and styles of furniture to create a cosy, lived-in look that will help create a relaxed feel.

So, whether you prefer minimalist, vintage or romantic, white is truly the ideal choice. It is one of the most inviting colours you can choose to decorate with and there is no such thing as “too much”.

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Top left: Alexander Rose New England Anderson Rocking Chair

Top right: Anita White High Gloss Nest Set of 2 Curved Tables

Bottom left: Arthouse White Stag Head

Bottom right: Bridgett White Gloss Magazine Holder

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