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Lighter woods have made a big impact in interior design this year and that looks set to continue into winter. Darker woods have featured heavily in recent years so the honey tones are stepping up this season.

There is a certain elegance in lighter woods that gives a more natural feel to a room. With many people being eco-conscious these days there is an element of that filtering into interior design.

When choosing furniture in lighter wood tones, like this Lounge Light Oak Drawer Coffee Table, look out for ones that will add brightness to your room. Both period and contemporary homes alike will suit lighter hues of wooden furniture. Go for something unfussy that isn’t too heavy to open up the room and add a sense of space that is hard to achieve with darker woods.

Luckily, pastel hues are still on trend and these are perfect when combined with honey-toned woods such as pine, cherry, chestnut and oak. Many pieces can be found with pastel shades incorporated into the design; however, placing light wood furniture next to a pastel or white accent wall will command attention.

Gami Sarlat Oak Finished Bedroom Set

There’s no reason why you can’t use honey coloured wood in lighting. This will only add to the airy feel in the room and is perfect for a bedroom that may not get as much light as other rooms in the house at this time of year. Alternatively, opt for an oak bed with in-built lights (Life Bruge Oak Bed with Lights is a favourite of ours) and kill two birds with one stone.

If you are thinking about incorporating wood floors then the lighter the better. Dark wood is notorious for showing up everything so lighter woods are much easier to keep clean and are far less oppressive. If you already have dark wood floors in your room then consider painting the walls in a lighter shade and adding a few light wood accessories.

The trick is not to mix too many different shades of wood, even if they are all light, as this can look too mis-matched and won’t give the desired effect of bringing nature and space into the room. You run the risk of your room looking cluttered so think less is more and enjoy bringing the rustic honey tones of the 90s back into the 21st century!

Our Four Light Wood Furniture Essentials

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Top left: Ethan Oak Chest of Drawers

Top right: Life Bruge Oak Bed with Lights and Bedside Cabinets

Bottom left: Ethan Oak Four Door Glass Display Cabinet

Bottom right: Carl Oak Coffee Table with Slatted Storage Shelf


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