Our Favourite Storage Solutions for Children’s Bedrooms

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Regular readers of this blog will know that we love space saving ideas for children’s bedrooms. These spaces are so easy to get cluttered, so investing in storage solutions is very worthwhile!

We’ve put together our favourite storage solutions, along with some helpful hints to help you sort out your child’s bedroom. Read on to find out more…

Involving your child in choosing storage solutions encourages them to take ownership of their possessions and tidying up after themselves.

When deciding on the perfect storage for your child, always bear in mind that it should be on their level. Having a child’s-eye view will help you to pick perfect pieces that your child will want to use again and again.

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With beds, aim for something versatile that will last. There’s no reason why a bed can’t double up as a storage space. A mid sleeper bed, or cabin bed, is raised to incorporate storage underneath it as well as shelves to house toys, books and ornaments. This is the ideal solution for smaller bedrooms. For larger spaces, a bunk bed is a great choice – take a look at this post on reasons to invest in a bunk bed.

Children love furniture that is multi-functional as well as fun. Seats that have storage space inside them for toys, books and clothes are practical, but can be customized by your child so that they can express their own style. Adding stickers or photographs to furniture will make it more personal and will encourage your child to use it.

Try not to make every decision for your child and let them choose what they want to put where. Their bedroom should be the place where their minds come to life so indulge them by making storage another part of play time.

Hanging storage is a sure fire way of keeping things off the floor once play is over for the day. Fun hooks for the back of wardrobe doors and mini toy hammocks are very practical as they keep items out of the way.

Similarly, bookcases are a practical way of encouraging your child to keep their books in some form of order. An alphabet bookcase will help your child to place their books in alphabetical order or store them under author names.

Children’s storage should be practical and safe, but should also have character.

Here are some of our favourite storage solutions for your child’s bedroom:

Fads storage solutions for children's bedrooms


Top left: Stomper Uno 4 Mid Sleeper Set

Bottom left: Tidy Books Natural Wood Alphabet Bookcase

Top right: Kidsaw Lewis Red Wardrobe

Bottom right: Kidsaw JCB Bedside Table

Image Sourced Via Pinterest. Credit: Buzzfeed.

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