5 Ways to Transform Your Kid’s Bedroom in a Weekend

Kids room

Redecorating or refreshing the kid’s bedroom is one job you don’t want to stretch out over a prolonged period of time. The common impatience of children and the imposition of their presence in your bedroom on a fold-out bed mean you ideally want to get the job completed within a weekend. Here we offer five ways to completely transform your kid’s bedroom in a weekend.

The Ruthless Clear Out

Throwing away old clothes and toys can be a tiresome process as your child suddenly rekindles a love for toys and games that haven’t been played for years or even removed from their packaging. This means that it is important to be ruthless when clearing out toys and games, so old items don’t just get stuffed back in the wardrobe to be forgotten again for another three years. If necessary, offer a little incentive to your kid – promise to buy them a present for the equivalent value of how much you flog all their toys and games on eBay. This may encourage them to finally part ways with old space-consuming and age-inappropriate toys.

Wall Art

If the kid’s bedroom walls are starting to look a little tired but you don’t have the time or budget to completely redecorate, wall art can bring fresh life to the room. FADS have a large Children’s Wall Stickers which include many kids’ cartoon and film favourites from Hello Kitty to the stars of Cars and Transformers.

Transformers Bedroom Scene

The Bed/Play Area Combo

Often the central focus of the bedroom, a new bed can quickly and completely transform the aesthetic and atmosphere of a bedroom. A bed which is designed for an older age group may take up more space in the bedroom than the previous bed – so smaller rooms could benefit from a raised bed with storage/play options underneath the sleeping level.

Kids Bedroom Christmas Furnishings

At FADS, our Kids Beds range has a selection of beds with extras including study areas, three person sofas and even tents – helping maximise the space.

No Smell, Non-Toxic Paint

The age-old problem of painting a bedroom has always been the odour and toxic fumes emitted by the substance – making it impossible for people to spend prolonged periods in a freshly painted room. This makes a freshly painted bedroom a no-go area for a few nights after redecorating and painting.

Blue girls kids bedroom interior.

Fortunately, the folks at Mythic Paint have created the world’s first non-toxic, low-odour paint meaning you’ll be able to quickly move the kids back into their freshly painted bedroom.

School and Study Ready

The older your child gets, the longer their homework will get (whether or not they care to recognise it) – so increased space to study could be beneficial in a redecorated or transformed bedroom. A comfortable area for kids to complete homework and revision could help encourage them to remain pro-active in their studies.

A desk with the capacity to store all their books, stationery and even a computer can make studying seem like less of a chore. A quick bedroom transformation your kids could be thanking you for, for years to come.

For FADS’s full range of furniture for kids, visit our dedicated section, here, or give us a ring on 01778 562803.

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